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Well, I certainly do like all the ideas that everyone is throwing in. I'd like to help, considering most of the role-plays I join end up dying ;_; Anyway, I think the usage of Unown is a nice idea, they are all so mysterious and you could make them do just about anything...

Anyway, I have had a new role-play brewing in my mind the past few days, but there are so many role-plays out there that have the same idea that even if I added a few twists it wold still be the exact same thing(Basically). Maybe ancient Pokemon could somehow be integrated into this "Ultimate Role-Play* The ancients(Kabutops, Aerodactly, ect.) were never really focused much on in the shows, games, ect. that I think they deserve a little attention, along with the Unown. Anymore ideas anyone else want to throw into the fray(Brilliant thinking, Alter Ego *tips hat*)
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