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Both LDD and MM did a great job I am sad because nintendo won't make shiny gif sprites (which in the ones of LDD is justg great) and MM In the inside are you and I suppose LDD fighting over a shiny seviper while her absol is hiding behind the flower waiting hor her to see it. the person in the middle is Runasutaru doing 2 things at the same time it's kinda cosy because there is a lot of food and an empty P.C. which means that you invite evrybody to join and i don't know who the green one is .......... or is it SkinnyGreenMan (hope I got it right) who is updating his post in page 1 with the shiny dex and member list !!!
That is the way I see it
BTW no luck yet it is going to be 9 months soon since my last and only shiny cought in MY game !!!

EDIT: blaziken needs exactly 2456 exp to become level 100 yey I won't be at the computer when that happens so i thought to mention it !!!
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Metal Mario thanks!!! It's great
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