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Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon

OH MetalMario.... guess what I found.

*points* This is Disco, the Shiny Seviper.

Shiny Seviper (named him Disco)
Gender: Male
Found: Route 114
Game time: 697:16
Nature: Gental
Level: 16
HP: 54
ATK: 38
DEF: 22
SP.ATK: 39
SP.DEF: 26

He's so cute! Too bad it was my friends game. *sweatdrop* I have to let her keep him, but at least I kept my promise and even found the shiny she wanted.

EDIT: Woo-hoo! I started page 199! (Most likely won't be here to start page 200, so anyway...)
NOOoOoOOOoOOo!!!! *redoubles efforts* *must find them shinies!!*

My Emerald's almost ready for a restart. I wonder if I'll find any shinies on the second play through? And you can bet I'll be here for page 200.
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