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Originally Posted by Aaryn

I suppose you guys will be more than surprised to see me here again, but hey, here I am!

Its been almost 2 years since I "dissapeared". It all started with my grandmas death, then I stoped coming, and then I had an accident with my girlfriend (now ex) But a cool member of the club "found" me, and managed to make me come back.

I hope you guys can forgive me for being away for so long, but I'll try to be here from now on, as often as I can.

Thx for the comprehension in advance and hi to everyone!


Could it be? He, the mythical hero of ancient lore? The great Aaryn? Yes! It is he! Let the glorious voices of triumph resound through every valley!

Hi! I'm MetalMario. Me, Yami, and ryan (formerly rsgh5) are the ones who've been taking care of this place for the past. Kudos to you, shinycollector! The best I was able to fish out of the deep blue sea of former SHC heroes (with my patented Ampersand Bait) was a SkinnyGreenMan. Welcome back, Aaryn! I've been a member here for almost a year (I joined March 7th last year), but even that was after your departure. I can't wait to see what Runa, LDD, and ryan'll have to say! I'm the one who makes these SHC cards you see in members' signatures. Whenever you're settled, I can make one for you if you wish. (Though it'll spoil the competition between me and LDD to be the "first" to see 17 shinies.. XD)

Wow. Welcome! We're certainly glad to see that you've made a return.

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