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Originally Posted by Aaryn
Thanks metal mario (we can discuss promoting LDD now if you want!)
Well, considering the influx of newbies and how LDD's been a very dedicated member, I was thinking that she deserves to be promoted to Co-owner. (the position which me and Yami hold) I was waiting for ryan to come back, but I guess you hold more say than him, anyway!

We'll also have to discuss the changes made to the rules as well. (ie. members must list their shinies when they join, the 30 post rule, and the "member parole" status; we've also removed the Shiny Member class)

Originally Posted by Aaryn
By the way, sorry for spoiling that contest of being the first one to see 17 shinys metal mario ,lol. I think Iv'e seen somethin around 31 now. (all of them are mine!)<- I DO NOT cheat.
o_0 It was 19 before you left! You haven't been slacking! That means I'll have to give you **** stars!
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