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Boy, aren't y'all glad I was leniant on the shinycollector's somewhat extravagant claims? XD It'll take a little time getting used to the fact that we once again have our founder on hand, and have access to the first post and all that. (There were a few times in the club when we were considering restarting the thread. We did want to contact a mod and see if we could get this thread grafted on top of a new thread started by ryan, but they wouldn't do it.)

I'm up to 35 Surskits. I'll need to pester my brother to borrow his SP again, since I'm ready to restart Emerald once I can evacuate all the valuable pokes and items off of it and onto Fire Red (which is still my "primary" cart). "Emergency! Hoenn's about to explode! Quickly, everyone evacuate to Kanto!" (Looks like the Trick Master was playing around with dynamite again... -.-)

Edit: Attention all newcomers (and oldcomers XD): The SHC card request thread can be found HERE!! (I need to post this every once in a while to keep the thing from going under, as version 2 did.)
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