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    It's an honor that you all think I should be promoted. Thank You.

    Today I found out that I get dizzy/light-headed if I shiny hunt while my grandmother drives, that woman fish-tails at high speeds. V(@[email protected])V

    So I'm hunting right now on my friends cart. She arrived yesterday and got her shiny Seviper, I had it on Gale of Darkness at the time so as to see it in 3D. First thing she said was: "Eew, that's what it LOOKS like?!?!?" I had hoped she'd not want it if she saw it like that. *evil grin* I happen to think Chocolate and Mint colord Seviper is cute. *shrugs*

    I'm raising her Septile now. Just hit a Swablu, not shiny.

    On my Emerald I've finally resumed the shiny Absol hunt, while my Sapphire is most likely going to give me a Lotad, Ruby I've no clue on -I'm just after another Masterball off it, Leaf Green is being used to look for shiny Vulpix, and Fire Red -I haven't a clue about that one either. Hehehe...
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