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    Chapter 1

    A man in black leather clothing was driving his motorcycle near Rustboro City in the Hoenn Region. That man was none other than Black Jack.

    A couple months back, he and Tyranitar fought against a tough Blaziken in a dojo called The Flaming Fist School near Saffron city in the Kanto region. Black Jack remembered the promise he made to the departed sensei of the dojo to look after his Blaziken. With that in mind, Black Jack and his Tyranitar managed to beat Blaziken and capture it, making it his.

    Black Jack was now arriving in Rustboro city to take a break from his winning streak, which was 1000-0. He visited a local tavern, and ordered a bottle of beer. As he drank, he noticed that a lot of people were staring at him. As he turned and looked around, they were still staring at him. What do you guys want? he asked.

    You creep! shouted one of the people. He was wearing a punks type of clothing. he also had a punks type of hairdo. Youre the guy that left Team Rocket!

    The others joined up, agreeing with him.
    Yeah, Team Rocket rules!
    We wont let you get away with this!

    Surprised, Black Jack said, Who are you guys? Team Rocket fans?
    Were more than that! replied one of them. Were the Rocket Revengers! We punish those who hurt Team Rocket!

    An anime sweat drop came down on Black Jacks forehead. You gotta be kidding me

    Cmon, gang! shouted another one of the Rocket Revengers. Lets teach him a lesson!

    As the Rocket Revengers were about to gang up on Black Jack, he shouted Hey! At least let me finish my beer!

    Meanwhile, an 11-year-old girl was about to exit the entrance of Rustboro city listening to her Walkman. She had blue trousers, red sneakers and a black jacket. She had red ponytail hair and cold blue eyes.

    As she walks into the nearest forest, a ninja jumped out of one of the trees and landed on his feet. No one can tell from the appearance of his face since he was masked, but he had bushy black hair and serious brown eyes. The colour of his ninja clothing is red.

    Youre late, Cassandra! said the ninja in a calm but serious voice.
    Whatever, Cassandra replied in an uncaring tone. Lets get this lesson started.

    The ninja made some bird noises and out popped a Taillow.

    Is that the best you could do? Cassandra asked in a disappointed tone. My father forced me to be taught by a man who makes bird noises just bring this pip-squeak? What kind of lesson is this, Seed?

    Without answering Cassandras question, Seed said, Call out one of your pokemon.

    Cassandra threw a pokeball. Go, Absol!

    Absol came out of her pokeball. Absol!

    Absol! Cassandra cried Slash it to pieces!

    After giving it one Slash attack, the Taillow was knocked out.

    Very impressive, Seed said. Now for another one.

    He made the same bird noises and out came another Taillow.

    What? Another one? Cassandra complained.
    This one will give you a surprise afterwards, Seed replied.
    Heh! Absol! Slash attack!

    Absol ran at the Tailow and used the attack, but misses.

    Not fast enough, said Seed. Think of another strategy.
    Grr Absol, Sword Dance and Slash attack!

    Absol span round until her nails became sharper. She was about to use Slash attack, but to Cassandras and her shock, the Tailow evolved into a Swellow!

    I told you youll be surprised, said Seed, who was not shocked. But do not be startled by the evolution of this pokemon. Now go!

    Cassandra nodded and ordered Absol again to attack Swellow. Normally, a Swellow is faster than an Absol. But since Absol was well trained, she has more speed than the newly evolved Swellow. Absol used her Slash attack to knock out Swellow, even though it connected, the Swellow stood unfazed.

    What? How can this be? Cassandra asked.
    What do they teach you in Pokemon School child? Seed said with criticism. Swellow has a higher defence than its pre-evolved form.

    Absol attacked Swellow again and again, but still it seemed like that it cant be brought down. Sellow tried to fight back, but Absol kept on dodging each attack.

    Lets end this, Absol, Cassandra said. Flamethrower attack!

    Absol shot her Flamethrower at Swellow, knocking it out.

    Thatll do for today, Seed said.
    What? So soon? Cassandra asked.
    I have other business to attend to today. Take this time to toughen up your pokemon. You may go.

    Cassandra smiled and walked back to Rustboro city.

    Meanwhile, back at the tavern, Black Jack and his pokemon stood as the Rocket Revengers were lying on the floor either injured or knocked out.

    Well, I have to give you guys credit, said Black Jack. You guys lasted longer than Magikarps. But next time dont disturb me while Im enjoying my beer!

    He took one more swig of beer and paid the man who was hiding underneath the counter (He got scared of the action). As they left the tavern, a Spearow suddenly dived down and knocked Black Jack down.

    Are you Black Jack, the man on his winning streak? said a girly yet focused voice. You cant be a great pokemon trainer if you dont know whats coming at you. Black Jack looked round and spotted Cassandra with the Spearow on her shoulder.

    You little brat! Black Jack snarled as he picked himself up. You talk big for a kid. But I wonder if you can battle big as well!
    Is that a challenge? Cassandra asked. Consider it accepted. Spearow, if you please

    Spearow flew off Cassandras shoulder. Black Jack motioned his head at Feraligatr to go into battle.

    Spearow Drill Peck!
    Spearow flew like speeding bullet while spinning, aiming its beak at Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr! Grab that beak!
    Feraligatr grabbed Spearow by the beak. It tried to struggle out of Feraligatrs grasp. You are quick, but Im quicker, said Black Jack with a confident smile.

    Cassandra had frustration in her eyes. She had no idea what to do in that situation. Feraligatr! Seismic Toss! Slam it right against that wall!

    Feraligatr tossed Spearow like it was a rugby ball. It crash-landed on its back against a wall behind Cassandra. Cassandra became shocked at the fact that her Spearow lost. She then became frustrated. Humph! Spearow return!

    Do you have anymore pokemon we can toy with? Black Jack taunted.
    Pokemon are not toys for playing about, its about battling, Cassandra replied. And heres something that you dont want to play with. Go, Kirla!

    A Kirla popped out of its pokemon. It seemed poised to battle.

    Is that the best you got, kid? Black Jack asked, still feeling confident. Ill let you move first.
    Your call, Cassandra replied with a smirk. Kirla! Shadow Ball now!

    Kirla shot out a huge and fast Shadow Ball. It was coming so fast that Black Jack and Feraligatr didnt have time to react, making Feraligatr get hit by it in the gut.

    Feraligatr! Are you okay? Black Jack shouted with worry. Feraligatr nodded while holding his gut.

    Not so confident now, are you? Cassandra asked with a smile on her face. They were about to shout another command but a man in a tuxedo ran into the battle scene. Stop! Stop the battle!

    Oh no! Cassandra whined. What is it now, Thompson?
    Your mother and father requested me to inform you that theyll be home soon, Thompson replied.
    Black Jack s******ed. Looks like youll have to go back to mummy and daddy, kid!
    Its Cassandra to you, big twerp! she replied with a frustrated look. Kirla, return!

    As she turned away from Black Jack, he said, Its Black Jack, not big twerp!

    I got to beat that guy, thought Cassandra. Just so I can prove everyone wrong!
    That kid fought big alright, when she used that Kirla, thought Black Jack. But she better give me some respect no matter what!

    More coming!
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