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    After being attacked by Imation de LaxMark, the group found themselves in Odale Town. They looked around the quaint little town and smiled.

    Feels like home back in Littleroot, Kykar said, analyzing the little homes and marts.

    Im pooped, and theres a Pokmon center over there, George said, pointing to a tall building with a giant Pokball on the top. The building was blue, with clear, automatic doors.

    Lets go, Zara said.

    They walked into the glass doors, and looked around curiously. There was a computer, a glass table, and the front desk, where the group saw a lady with red hair and a white uniform. It had a red + on the front of her apron.

    This place is neat! George exclaimed. Look, over there is a food place! George ran to order some food. Meanwhile, Kylar noticed a poster posted on the wall nest to a window.

    Zara, check this out, He said, gesturing her to come toward him.


    Look at this poster. Its about the Hoenn League.

    Zara read. All Pokmon trainers, get ready! The best battles of your life await you. Must have eight badges to enter.

    Cool, huh? Kylar asked.

    Yes! I cannot wait to enter.

    Well, right now, we have to get our Pokmon medical help, Kylar reminded.

    They walked up to the front desk.

    Hi, Im Nurse Joy. How may I help you? Nurse Joy said cheerfully.

    Hi, Im Zara.

    Im Kylar, pleased to meet you.


    George came to the desk with a hot dog in hand. He took a big bite. Then he saw Nurse Joy. Wow! He said, his mouth full of hot dog. He was amazed by her beauty. She looked at him strangely. Are woo a angel? Pieces of food fell from his mouth, onto the counter.

    George! Kylar cried. Go sit, now, and Ill give her your Pokmon!

    Fone wit be! George yelled as he handed over his Pokball.

    Excuse my friend, he is special, Zara explained.

    So, would you please heal our Pokmon? Kylar asked.


    George pouted as he sat on the comfy chair at the glass table. After the Pokballs were dropped off, Zara and Kylar sat down next to George.

    Come on, George, lets go to the arcade, Kylar said.

    Only if you pay, George muttered.


    Yay! George exclaimed.

    Im going to get something to eat, Zara told them.

    Zara went to the food court. She saw Kantonese food, Johtonian food, and Hoenarian food. She got Pizza.

    Pepperoni please! Zara reminded the chef.

    Okay, okay, he said, and then started talking trash in a foreign language.

    Rude guy... she said to aloud.

    She leaned back against the counter. She looked around. The main door opened. She saw a familiar silhouette. Then she saw the person clearly, Janet!

    Never mind, she told the chef, and ran to the arcade.

    Thats not fair, I want a re-match! George yelled at Kylar.

    Guys! Zara panted. I saw...Janet!

    Janet?! The boys yelled.

    We have to go, and we cannot let her see us! Zara said.

    I have a plan! George said. They huddled together and George whispered instructions.

    The broke and the three of them went into the restroom. A few seconds they walked out. Zara, was dressed as a man. She was wearing a fake goatee, mustache, and a hat with dred locks.

    She also had on a trench coat with a pair of black sunglasses. George had on a pair of fake glasses with a big nose attached. On his head was a brown berret. Kylar was wearing black goth clothes and had used green InstaDye on his hair, then spiked it.

    Ready? Zara asked.

    Ready, they replied.

    They marched sneakily down the corridor to the front desk like they were in the military.

    There she is, Mon, Zara said with a Jamaican accent. Janet was sitting at the glass table, reading the Pokmon Enquirer.

    Zara, George, and Kylar marched to the front desk.

    Nurse Joy, ello Mon, Zara said. Are our Pokmon ready to go now?

    Who are you? Joy asked.

    Janet stood up and walked toward the desk.

    Look Joy, we dont have time to play games! George shouted, banging his fists on the counter.

    Excuse me! Joy yelled. Then a lady with a blue outfit ran from the second floor and pointed at Zara, George, and Kylar.

    Freeze! The officer commanded. Kylar glared at George. As they turned around Janet got a peek at them. Zaras fake facial hair was peeling.

    Zara? Janet asked. She walked up to Zara and pulled off her mustache and glasses. Zara gasped.

    Excuse me, child, you betta not mess wit me, Mon, Zara said, backing into the counter.

    I said freeze! said the officer.

    No need Jenny, I know these kids, Joy said.

    Me too, Janet added.

    The three turned to face Joy.

    Im so sorry, Joy, we were in a rush, Kylar tried to explain.

    Mhmm.... Joy answered, wanting more.

    Well, um, we apologize, and we thank you for your help... George tried, also.

    Zara picked up the three Pokballs, and they ran out.

    Youre lucky I have to get my Pokmon from Nurse Joy. Janet shook her head and said as the group exited.They ditched Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Janet. But not for long...



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