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Originally Posted by Agent9
But Lady Demoonica Darkmoon, aren't we trying to fill the dex? I remember seeing someones SHC card, and they had a Politoad, so wouldn't it be more efficient to go the other way and evolve the little tadpole to a Poliwrath, despite the erm...not as decent color. After all, we ARE trying to get all 396 pokemon in shiny form right.
Yes, we are. So long as you don't mind Poliwrath then.

Originally Posted by Agent9
Pokemonchampionsteven just got banned. When he comes back, he's still a member right?
*sighs* Well he did fess up, so I'd let him come back as long as he kept up the 'good' behavior.

Originally Posted by Cap.Ace
Hey Guys i wanted to know if i could join the shiny Club . Im Shidos Friend
Sure, no problem. As a co-owner of the Shiny Hunter's Club I welcome you. Please fell free to use MetalMario's bannor for regular members:
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