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Originally Posted by pokechampionsteven
okay All those pokemon were lies sorry please don't kill me!
Thank you! I think too many people misunderstand the way we work around here. They think that members are somehow "better" if they have more shinies or that we go ape on liars or something. We only go ape on the people who obviously lie, yet refuse to admit to it. I believe you're the first "hardcore" compulsive liar who's actually confessed. Congratulations.

Originally Posted by Agent9
*sighs* Pokemonchampionsteven just got banned. When he comes back, he's still a member right?
Yes. He probably got banned for compulsive PM spamming. I won't go into details because the conditions of bans are supposed to be private. (The thing I don't understand is why do these guys act like this? Do they think they're impressing any of us by lying, then insulting and flaming us when we catch them? I don't understand.)

Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
To A Strong Trainer! - *laughs* Check back a page and you'll see that I already welcomed you to the club! So that's a yes.

LDD's update - 152 Surskit, no shiny.

EDIT - 153 Surskit.
@[email protected] Looks like my Shiny Lotad Curse worked a little too well. Congratulations on passing the 84th percentile with no shiny! That's quite an accomplishment! I'd tell you how many standard deviations off mean you are, but I'd need to do that on paper, and I'm at uni right now.

Fire Red: Little progress on hunts. Raised some Hoenn pokes for dex against the route by Vermilion with the Drowzees; no sightings. I'm worried about pulling a shiny Ekans out of there, though: a shiny which is truly a piece of crap. I want to avoid routes with Pidgey, though, to reduce the risk of finding a dupe.

I now have the daunting task ahead of me of hatching an HP:Fire Sunkern with a beneficial nature. That's 1/1600 for a Modest one with an HP:Fire of base 60+! I might as well try for a shiny at this rate. (But I hate shiny Sunflora. So bad and dead-looking.) If I go with any ol' beneficial nature, the odds go down to 1/320. 1/80 if I accept crap-tacular damage Hidden Powers.

Sapphire: Still in the Meteor Falls Bagon Chamber. Haven't left. No sightings.

Emerald: Beating Flannery will be something considering my Mono Grass team. I can't give Lombre any Water moves, since you don't get Surf until you've beaten Flannery. No shinies.
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