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Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
LDD's update: 156 Surskit and I've given up on the Seviper patch, it's all yours again, MM. I can't take it any longer! (That and the SHC has everything from there on the Dex already.)
I'm not going back there. My plan was to breed, and only after my fourth play through Emerald. And I'm not restarting Emerald until I've gotten Zangoose and my first Johto starter, so it might be a while.

Originally Posted by Lady Demoonica Darkmoon
I traded over one of my MasterBalls from Emerald to my friends Sapphire and headed to Granet Cave to hunt for a Shiny Aron, the MB is in case of a Shiny Abra.
Why not bring a Diglett along? It'd be a lot easier. Then you could just chuck Repeat Balls while the thing helplessly tries to Teleport.
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