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Originally Posted by The_Pokemon_Hossier
Um, dude, Kylie isn't here anymore.

Saniigo, I barely knew thee.

Ugh, this is re-dic-er-us. (I know, it's rediculous.)
It's really Ridiculous. Anyway, when you ban me, can you do me a favor and look up words before you type them? It's killer on all of us how bad your grammar sux. And, why PC? Why not Serebii? You've got so much more meat at Serebii! Or Bulbagarden! Bulbagarden has got so many members as well.

Thank you very much but compared to you, I could've possibly been in love with the mods in a previous lifetime. *rolls eyes* I'm mad because you're such an a*shole. I'm mad because you need to take about 5 million steps down off your throne. I'm mad because you think your opinion is everyone elses opinion. I'M PISSED BECAUSE I'D LIKE TO STICK-UP FOR PC, AND THIS IS TAKING AWAY FROM MY RPING TIME.

They were smart to ban you, as I wish I could ban you in a heartbeat.

PC a better place. Shouldn't you be calling it 'TC' by now? But you know, you think you're so great, 'freeing' us from the mods's grasp. I think you'd have noticed by now with your grammar that you would've gotten banned anyway. When this is over, joke or not, I'm gonna be majorly pissed.

By the way Todoroki, I have a question. Under your new reign (sp?) of evil, are we allowed to cuss?