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    It's probably only title change. This whole thing is actually fun as it is. (this is a good thing for Pokemon Community History, eh?) Yet now it's boring

    I won't bother cursing, I DARE Todoroki (woah, I got it right) to DELETE the rules of the Pokemon Community, better, I DARE you to DELETE all the announcements ever made! You can't do that, because you're not a real hacker =P You're probably a petite Admin or Mod in disguise changing your title to Member, right? You can't afford to delete all the Announcements, cuz you'd only be making a loss, for yourself!

    Ban me if you want! I DARE you to!

    =3 My new siggy!!! I worked so hard on it too, it wasn't that hard but it took some work, those who steal it will have lots of trouble!

    I am a proud member, and staff, of Digital Feathers! Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of being a member of PC too!