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    Chapter one: The lost Sandshrew

    Red sat on the red leather couch, looking out of the window at the bright sunny day outside. It was 5:00, and he could see Green outside. You could spot his stupid spiked hair from a mile away. He was talking pretty loudly;

    "Yeah, so when I went to Saffron with my grandfather, that's when the Alakazam attacked me. It's eyes glowed blue and it tried to make me implode, but my mind power was stronger then his and-"

    Red rolled his eyes. Green was probably chatting up that new girl, Blue. She was really pretty, but ever so naivè. She always fell for Green's stories of amazing adventures with his grandfather, Professor Oak. Red always got embarrassed when they met, but she didn't seem to notice. Green was so confident - no, in fact, that wasn't the word - COCKY was the word he was looking for. Since his grandfather was a famous professor he practically got away with murder. The amount of times he'd heard "I warn you, my grandfather's proffessor Oak" was uncountable. For instance, he shoplifts reguarly from the PokèMart and the owner turns a blind eye to it. The last time someone stood up to Green, his grandfather pulled some strings, and the guy was fired!

    But it wasn't like his grandfather was a bad guy. His grandfather was nice, if not a little overworked. But, Green could be very manipulative if he wanted. Red couldn't wait till Green left Pallet town and went out into the real world, where his grandfather wasn't there to clean up after him. Red smiled just at the thought of it.

    "Red! You're drifting!" the policewoman said. Red snapped from his daydreaming and looked at the stern face of the policewoman. She had light blue hair and was glaring at him.

    "Uh, yeah, sorry" Red muttered, blushing.

    "So, you say that the Sandshrew in question was gone in the morning?" the officer asked Red's mother.

    "Yes," Red's mother said through tears, "we used to call him Sandy"

    The officer rolled her eyes, and sighed, and then scribbled something on her clipboard.

    "Can you think of a motive for this?" the officer asked.

    "Ahem, look round" Red coughed. The officer looked round, and saw the room was full of certificates, medals, and there were five trophy cases, stuffed with trophies.

    "That Sandshrew had won every single PokèRace in Kanto, he was the fastest Pokemon on this side of the planet. We were thinking of going over to Jhoto, but we didn't have the money. That Sandshrew was also a very rare shiny Pokèmon, it was Emerald Green!" Red's father said gruffly.

    "Sandy...!" Red's mom cried.

    "Were there any signs of breaking and entering?" the officer said.

    "No, but we think Sandy was in our backgarden when the event took place. He usually went outside to look for worms, and he used to try and grab the digglets that usually popped up outside our yard" Red's father smiled.

    "Do you suspect anybody?" the officer asked.

    "No, thats why we called you!" Red said in frustration.

    "Now, the last thing I need is an attitude from you," the officer said, and then turned to Red's parents, "I'll call you if anything comes up"

    The officer then left, and Red could hear her tutting and muttering outside, untill she got into her police cruiser and drove off.

    "Red! Will you be a bit more respectful to the police in the future! They're just trying to help!" Red's father fussed.

    "Sandy..." Red's mom wailed.

    "It's ok, Rebecca..." Red's father murmered, and went over to her to comfort her.

    "Can I go no now?" Red asked, but got no reply, so he just got up and left. He went out into the warm Pallet town sun. He looked round. All the houses were spaced out in blocks of four, exactly the same distance apart. There was a PokèMart to the west of the small town. That had only been added recently, upgrading Pallet to "town" status. There was a closed down post office in the east of the town. That was about as exciting as Pallet town got, except for the laboratory to the very south. That was amazing, lots of exciting things happened there. A couple of amazing Pokèmon had escaped from there, and they reguarly heard explosions coming from the place, but unfortunately it was completely cut off from the rest of Pallet town. The few times that Proffessor Oak ventured out of his office, he was very breif. He wasn't the kind of man that engaged in small talk, but he was a pleasent man nonetheless. Still, that didn't stop Red from disliking Pallet town.

    "Oh my gosh! So what did you do then?" Red heard a soft voice say.

    "Well, of course, I ran at the guy. I couldn't let him steal that diamond, or kill that starving orphan, so I just ran at him and..."

    Green's complete lie was interrupted by Red's sjirachiing. He couldn't help it, Green's lie was hilarious.

    "Oh! Hi Red!" Blue called.

    "What're you laughing at, Red?" Green demanded.

    "It's obvious that you're lying! I've lived here all my life, and the only time you've left Pallet town was when you were six, and that was to go to Cerulean city!" Red accused.

    "Oh be quiet, you've spent half of your life petting that stupid Sandshrew" Green was very jealous of all the attention that Red's Sandshrew once got, and he took every oppurtunity to put it down or insult it, or insult everybody else for "gawking at the silly sandrat".

    "You're just jealous" Red said calmly.

    "Jealous!? Of what? Your stupid sandrat that everyone gawks over?" Snap, Red thought.

    "Yeah, exactly" Red said.

    "Tut, at least I can train Pokèmon" Green said, and then laughed. Red went very red. It was true, he couldn't train Pokèmon, he had no intrest in becoming a trainer at all.

    "Y...yeah I can" Red stammered, but he could hear Blue giggling at him.

    "Ha ha ha, you're pathetic. Why're you going so red if you can train Pokèmon?" Green asked.

    "I'm...I'm just hot thats all," Red said, and then thought of something to shut him up, "fine then! We'll have our Pokèmon fight eachother!"

    "You mean have a battle?" Green said smartly.

    "Yeah..thats what I meant" Red said.

    "Fine. Six pm today. Be there" Green challenged, and then walked off with Blue, who did say goodbye to Red. Then, Red realised what he had just got himself into. He didn't have a Pokèmon, and he didn't know the first thing about battling! He'd seen a program about how official battles should go and remembered some stuff. He knew that both trainers had to have agreed to battle, and must register the battle on there Pokèdex, some kind of machine you get after becoming a trainer. He didn't have one of them! Both trainers had to agree which kind of battle it would be, and there were some others as well. He had no idea what to do!

    'Ok, calm down,' Red thought, 'you first need a Pokèmon' Now, Red knew the bare basics about Pokèmon. When approached they would defend thereselves to avoid being captured, although this usually changed when captured. Red knew that Pokèmon were found in reserves, forests, long grass, lakes, rivers, the sea and in trees. Red looked round Pallet town. He was a two hour hike from the sea. Then he clicked - there was a very large tree just outside the Pokèmart. He turned back round and walked back into his house. He walked through the living room, where he could see his tall, dark haired father holding his petite blonde mother, who was still crying over Sandy. Red went into the kitchen, and got out a black binbag. He aired it out, and then went back into the living room.

    "Watcha doing, son?" his father asked.

    "Goin out to try and find, err, Sandy" Red said, not wanting to tell him he was going to climb a tree to find a Pokèmon to battle Green with so he could impress this pretty girl that just moved down the road. Going over it in his head, it did sound pretty stupid.

    "You go on, son. You go on" his father encouraged.

    Red rolled his eyes, and then walked out of his house holding his binbag, ready to capture his first Pokèmon. He heard Blue giggling in the distance, and quickly held the binbag behind his back. He didn't want Blue and Green to see him with a binbag, else he'd have to tell an awkward lie to cover up the fact that he was going to catch a Pokèmon, and his first one at that. He realised they were a distance away, and he began walking towards the tree. He wandered what Pokèmon he would find. He didn't have experience with a wide range of Pokèmon, mainly just Sandy and the diglet that woke him up in the middle of the night. But - catching a Diglett would be impossible. They were incredibly fast, and they would just tunnel under whatever Red put over there heads. And they also had a nasty bite, he remembered getting bitten after trying to play with them when he was a kid. Red could just imagine defeating Green now - that look on Green's face, that look of adoration on Blue's face - it would just be perfect.

    He was knocked out of his dream-like state by a man rushing past him, dressed in all black. He had a red letter on the back of his shirt, but Red didn't see it because the man was running to fast. Then, two men ran past, this time dressed in blue.

    "Come back here, traitor! Surrender yourself and you might not get killed!" one of the two men shouted, but the man carried on running. The two men ran straight past Red, chasing after the other man. Red just stood there, wandering what the heck was going on, but soon they had run out of fight. Red had no idea what to think of it. Maybe it was a burglar being chased, or something, Red thought, and stuck with that idea. Red continued walking towards the PokèMart, and soon found it. It was only a small building, but it had loads of stuff inside it. Then he saw the tree. It was brilliant for climbing, Red remembered climbing it when he was waiting for his parents to purchase things at the PokèMart when he was younger. So, armed with a binbag, he got a foothold on one of the branches, and pulled himself up. He began climbing up the tree, and very soon he was quite high up, and getting a little dizzy.

    As a kid, he didn't climb up very far, as he was always afraid of falling. Red wasn't any different now. As he climbed up the branches, he just kept looking down, he couldn't look away else he'd start to get dizzy. A few more branches up, and he could see over all of Pallet town.

    'Oh my god,' Red thought, 'what if Blue and Green see me!?'

    Of course, this was stupid, since by now Blue and Green were over by Proffessor Oak's lab, but Red kept thinking it nonetheless.

    'Ok, I am WAY to high' Red thought, and started to put his foot down - onto the branch below. His palms were very sweaty, but he kept a firm grip on the binbag. He had gotten two branches down, when suddenly-


    Red was startled by the sudden squawk, and lost his foothold on the branch below. His foot dropped into thin air, and then he fell backwards. He breifly saw the source of the noise, a short stout bird, with brown feathers on its back and a white puffed up chest, but the Pokèmon then flew away.

    "God damn it!" Red growled.
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