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It supposedly takes place two years after the Video game Digimon World 3 (this game is known in Europe as Digimon World 2003), and the evil A.o.A is back, attacking the new online game called Digimon Online 2. You don't know that, but you play the game and find out about them. You also have to have 3 (rookie level) Digimon, a D-Helper, which is a new feature to Digimon Online 2. This feature has everything that was in the Original Digimon Online! You register your 3 Digimon, and meet in Asuka City. This is where you here about the A.o.A, who want to take over the game and overthrow MAGAMI (who made the game). This adventure will have new places, and old places from Digimon world 3, in both the Asuka and the Amaterasy servers.

Username: Riku
Real name: Eric
Gender: Male
Physical Description: The main hero from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (I like using him for Digimon rps)
Personality: Hot tempered, impatient, but very friendly to his allies. He also is desperate to defeat to A.o.A.
Digimon (can be from any season and any game, as long as they are rookies! They can learn their natural Digivolutions, along with other Digivolutions, after certain points in the game and any of the Digivolutions and Rookies also can be made-up): Agumon, Biyomon, Tapirmon
Digimon personalities: Agumon's has a personality like Riku's. Biyomon is always looking on the bright side of things and very happy, but she can be sneaky. Tapirmon is very hyper and playful, he doesn't really like to fight.
Digimon Natural Digivolutions: Agumon's champion, ultimate, and Mega are Greymon, MetalGreymon, and WarGreymon. Biyomon's champion, ultimate and Mega are Birdramon, Garudamon, and Phoenixmon. Tapirmon's champion, ultimate, and Mega are Hippomon (I had to make up a good champion for him, so Hippomon was created), Mammothmon, and SkullMammothmon.

Give me constructive criticism ONLY!
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