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    @Dark Venusaur: Those lil random pixels were a glitch when I imported to the sprites into the game *cries*. I accidentally overwrote other memory when I imported the sprites. Turns out pokemon games have internal limits to the size of each pokemon. Treeko for example has a limit of 47x48 pixels, if you go over that (like I did) the game will behave unexpectedly. In this case those weird pixels appeared.

    But luckily Absol helped me out by explaining the limits to me. So now the problem should be resolved. I'll upload more shots later on =)

    @Wilph: In some ways I used more colors, in same ways I actually used less. Each pokemon has a 16 -1 color palette (15 sprite 1 colors, 1 transparent color). My pokemon tend to use around 10-12 colors total, the rest are just leftovers. Lol the bird was loosely based off of FFT's chocobo (the beak...sorta) I love beak heads for some sick reason. Though in real life I hate birds...they tend to claw me repeatedly; very bloody mess it was.

    My two new pokemon are nearly done too. So I should be uploading them soon.

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