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    I've noticed this too. *coughevangelionrpgetonmsncough*

    One thing I think is happening is maybe the plots are too grand for some of the lower RPers or for those who can't exactly follow the plot. Maybe just the idea is being overused DNA changing and becoming cliche. I myself know that I get easily bored with slowly moving plots and in time forget about them. I also forget plots that never become started. I'm sure others can relate; after you spend time waiting and waiting for the RP to start...and it never does or goes slowly. Sometimes you just lose the creative flow of things.

    I also find very restrictive roleplays not good for the Rpers wanting to RP. 'Follow the leader' RP's so you can continue the plot are very annoying. I suggest maybe some more open Rps that could have more plot freedom to it, that would be nice. I also think that maybe some good RP creators just don't want to post their RP because they think it's not good enough. Just because a past RP was amiss doesn't mean you're not good at making them. Well that's all. I'd like to RP more too :\

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