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    Originally Posted by Ash_Pokemaster
    I'm quite sure the Dungeons games will be released.. I mean is translating that hard anyway? I'm sure that ameuters will translate them if they don't release. xD Is that hard for proffecionals? xD Anywhoo, if they don't release Ninty will have BillLaden_Pokemaster after them hehe
    Yeah, but you really have no idea how many text menus there actually are in this game... gosh, I downloaded the rom for the red version awhile back, and I was shocked at how much reading this requires for a Pokemon game.

    It's pretty obvious that it's supposed to be a text-based RPG (Dungeon games have always been), and I don't think it's the fact that it'd take awhile to translate (although it may be that), but rather that children don't tend to play these types of RPGs and tend to dislike them.

    I'm probably wrong, though.
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