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Dardanel - I kinda see what you mean. I might try playing around with it to see what looks better. Glad ya like it though.

Alright, the updates are coming a little slow right now. Most of the sprites I have finished and ready for release are on the computer in my room, and I'm having burner difficulties. Sooo yeah...I have no way to transfer them over to this computer for the time being. I don't have internet on that computer, it has a floppy frive, but this computer doesn't, and I can't use a zip drive on that computer. Ugh...hopefully I can get that burner fixed, or get it hooked up to the internet so I can upload them to my picture account. So yeah, bare with me. :\ Anywho...I do have a new sprite ready to release. This is another one that had been finished for quite some time. It's the pre-evo for Graplore. Check it out and let me know what ya think!! XD

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