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Thanks for the comments everyone!! I really appreciate it a lot. XD

Anywho...I edited my Grapjaw sprite to look a little more rocky. Check it out.

[[ Image Destination Changed ]]

Also, here's a new plant type I call Tustalk. Please let me know what ya think!!

[[ Image Destination Changed ]]

I'm still hard at work on my starter fire line. I have the third evolution almost complete. just have to toy around with it a little bit more. I have a rough sketch of the 2nd evolution done as well so hopefully I can get the rest of that line posted for you all soon. XD

Also. This isn't a part of the MegaDex, but now and then I stray from the realm of FakeMon into scratching originals. This is one of those few times. Here's a scratch Pichu sprite that I did.

MegaDex: Returning soon?

This is where I'd post my PC family if any of them were still here. D:
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