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Originally Posted by Maneachicken
Marsupo! I love it! I think that is your best Creation...and did you make your Banner? with Dropsy in Pixel Art form? Its very Good!
Thanks. I like Marsupo as well!! XD No, I didn't make the larger art of Dropsy in my banner. An old friend from PC did that piece of art for me. Unfortunately, they aren't around the community anymore.

Originally Posted by Shugotenshi no Bakura
Wow, these are very interesting and creative. You did a great job on them. Are they all custom made sprites? I really like Nepscania and Odinther. I just think Odinther's body is kind of slender on the left side. Keep up the great work! ^____^
Thank you!! Your comments are so nice. XD Yes, these are all custom sprites, designed and scratch sprited by myself. I think Nepscania seems to be a very popular sprite. Odinther's body is a little slender on that side because his butt is supposed to be farther back from the front of the body. Maybe I did make it a little to small though. Thanks again for the comments. You guys make the hours of hard work I put into these all worth it!!
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