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    To Mr. Cat Dog: Thanks for the comments bud. I have to confess that I sometimes overlook things. I do a lot of thinking in pictures, not in words. But one question what part of description do you mean?

    Anyways, here's another chapter...


    Chapter 4

    It was nighttime. A man in punks clothing was leaning against a wall reading a newspaper in a crowded street. He was reading the news that Black Jack defeated a Rocket Revenger, meaning that the children will have nothing to fear from them anymore. A vain was throbbing in his head as he scrunched up the newspaper. Ill show you, he growled.

    The next morning, all of the pupils were going back to the Pokemon School, knowing that they have nothing to worry about the Rocket Revengers anymore.

    At break time, Cassandra was put on pokemon care duty. She was feeding, cleaning and caring the pokemon that her class is currently studying on. Normally, she refuses to do it, but after the other night, when a Rocket Revenger named Stalker and his Snaezel beat her Gardevior, she realised how much her pokemon loved her trainer. This morning, before she arrived at school, she collected her Gardevior from the pokemon center, only to discover that Gardevior had a permanent scar on her face.

    If the Rocket Revengers appear in my life again, she thought to herself. I mustnt let them or any of my fears get to me.

    Suddenly, she heard a lot of her classmates screaming. Then she heard a mans voice. Take them outside! he shouted. She hurried outside to see what was going on. She noticed that people in punk like clothing were holding her classmates hostages. That kid lover, Black Jack should come be here to save these kids! said of the punks. When he does, boys, well have a little surprise for him and I know that WE will like it! Hehe!

    Rocket Revengers! she whispered to herself. She then hurried to another exit but spotted the other Revengers inside the school. She quickly hid herself and then looked around to see if they were still there. When the coast was cleared she hurried to the nearest exit.

    As she made her way out unnoticed, the police had already arrived on the scene. A woman in police-clothing grab held of a megaphone and spoke into it.

    Rocket Revengers! she yelled. You are all under arrest! Lie down on the floor and place hands on the back of your head! Slowly!
    Forget you! shouted one of the Revengers in reply. Were not going anywhere until we get Black Jack!
    Why do you want him? the officer asked.
    None of your business! The Revenger shouted back. Just give us Black Jack and well show the whole world why Team Rocket and the Revengers arent the teams to be messed around with!

    The officer had no idea what to do next.

    Alright then! the Revenger shouted. He picked up one of the school children and held a knife near his neck. If we dont see Black Jack in ten minutes, Ill slit the kids neck off!

    The officer realised that they had no choice but to get Black Jack. Some of the officers were sent off to look for him.

    Meanwhile, Black Jack was walking out of the local tavern finishing off another bottle of beer. Great, he thought to himself. Not a Rocket Revenger to spoil my beer.

    He was about set off on his motorcycle and leave Rustboro City, when a familiar voice was heard. Black Jack!

    Black Jack turned round and saw Cassandra coming his way. She stopped to breathe quite heavily. Kid! Black Jack said. Why arent you at school?
    The Rocket Revengers, Cassandra replied while panting. Theyre back!
    Cant get enough of me, can they, Black Jack said stressfully. Get on!

    Cassandra hopped on Black Jacks motorbike and they drove off into the schools direction.

    Back at school, the Rocket Revengers were getting impatient. Times running out! warned one of the Revengers. The officers hoped and hoped that Black Jack would arrive soon.

    Times up! shouted the Revenger as he was a bout to slit the childs throat but was interrupted when a voice was heard. Hold it right there!

    It was Black Jack and Cassandra driving into the scene. Black Jack immediately stopped his motorcycle as soon as it was in front of one of the police cars. Black Jack and Cassandra walked passed the police cars.

    Im here now! Black Jack said. Leave those kids out of this!
    Not just yet! said the Revenger, still holding the child and the knife. You may have beaten one of our strongest members, Stalker. But you havent faced the likes of me yet!
    And you are?
    My name is Shadowman! Leader of the Rocket Revengers! And I have a little surprise for you!
    Let me guess! Youre gonna have youre cronies gang up on me again? What are you afraid of, Shadowman?
    I fear nothing! And neither do we! Lets get em boys!

    All of the Rocket Revengers sent out various kinds of pokemon. Im guessing that theyre poorly trained, Black Jack said with criticism.

    All of his pokemon popped out their pokeballs, ready for another good battle! Come on! shouted Black Jack. His pokemon yelled out their battle cries in response as they and Black Jack charged into battle.

    Black Jack was fighting against all the members of the Rocket Revengers. His pokemon were fighting against all the pokemon that were sent out by the Revengers.

    Black Jack was pummelling another member of Revengers, but another Revenger was creeping on him with an empty bottle in hand. Suddenly a Spearow dived down and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Black Jack heard the impact and turned round to see a Spearow helping him out, but it wasnt the only one helping. A scarred Gardevior, a Spearow, an Absol, a Magneton, a Trapinch, and a Treecko were also helping him. They happen to be Cassandras pokemon. Black Jack looked at Cassandra and smiled as he gave a thumbs up.

    Soon, almost all members and pokemon of the Rocket Revengers were knocked out. But there was one more member standing Shadowman!

    Getting nervous now, Shadowman? Black Jack arrogantly asked.
    Annoying prick! Shadowman taunted. If youre so tough, why did you get help from your pokemon?
    I wouldve taken you all down myself. But my pokemon felt that they needed a little exercise, plus they love a good fight when they hear one.
    You insignificant creep! Battle me! Now!
    Nah! Not this time!

    Black Jack looked at Cassandra with confidents. Cassandra can battle you instead.

    Cassandra also gave a confident smile. Thank you, Black Jack, she replied. Then she gave Shadowman a nasty look.

    Shadowman s******ed. Cmon then! he sneered. Lets make this a one-on-one so I can finish you off quickly.
    As you wish, Cassandra replied.

    Cassandra sent Gardevior out to battle. Shadowman laughed out like a maniac. Go, Sableye! he shouted as he sent out his pokemon.

    Gardevior! Cassandra ordered. Psychic attack!

    Gardevior shot out a Psychic blast, but it went passed Sableye.

    What? Cassandra said in shock. But why?
    Youre mind is too slow, kid! Shadowman said. Didnt you know Sableye has qualities of both Dark and Ghost pokemon!
    Cassandras at the disadvantage, thought Black Jack. Dark and Ghost type pokemon can be tricky for an average Psychic pokemon.
    Do you still think you can defeat me, you pathetic little girl? Shadowman taunted. Admit defeat!
    No way, Shadowman! Cassandra replied. After what you did, I will never surrender to you!
    There goes that ego again, Black Jack thought. But she also needs a little bit of strategy in this one.

    Now, Sableye! Shadowman ordered. Headbutt attack!

    Sableye launched himself and aimed his head at Gardeviors scarred face. Sableye was too fast for her to dodge. When she got hit in the face, she staggered backwards holding the scarred part.

    Cassandra noticed Gardeviors agonising pain on that face and but still had determined look in her eyes.

    Throughout the match, Shadowman and his Sableye have been dominating against Cassandra and her Gardevior, using a lot of underhanded tactics. But even in the jaws of defeat, neither Cassandra nor Gardevior would quit. Shadowman was getting frustrated.

    Give up, you fool! Shadowman shouted. Were cracking you like eggs!
    Youd like me to crack, wouldnt you? Cassandra replied. Worked on me before but never again.
    Well see about that! Shadowman taunted. Sableye! Finish that brat off with your Faint attack!

    Gardevior, battered and bruised, stood up. Suddenly her vision became dark and blurry, caused by Sableyes Faint Attack.

    Gardevior! Cassandra yelled. Foresight now!

    Gardevior used Foresight to see through the darkness. The next thing she saw was Sableye coming straight at her; she dodged the attack a split second before he reached her.

    What! Shadowman yelled. How can this be? Faint attack never misses.
    Not everything goes by the book, Black Jack replied with a smirk.

    Shadowman snarled. Sableye! Attack Gardevior again!

    Sableye jumped to attack Gardevior.

    Gardevior! Grab him! Cassandra ordered.

    Gardevior grabbed him and held him tightly. This cant be! Shadowman shouted in denial. Sableyes a ghost pokemon, how the heck did Gardevior managed to grab him?
    Gardevior used Foresight, remember? Black Jack replied. Throughout the match, you kept on ordering Sableye to beat Gardevior while she trying to get up. Not only you are a coward, you are a no-brainer as well.
    Now, one more attack will finish this thing off! Cassandra said.
    WHAT? Shadowman yelled in shock.
    Gardevior! Thunder attack!

    Gardevior yelled out a cry and the clouds were about to darken.

    No! Shadowman begged. Dont! Wait a minute!
    Did I hear Shadowman begging? Black Jack thought to himself while smirking.

    Gardevior screamed even louder and a huge strike of lightning struck down on both of them. The lightning was so bright that everyone had to cover their eyes, except Black Jack who was wearing sunglasses.

    After the lightning was gone, everyone looked back at the battle scene. Sableye and Gardevior were lying on the floor, battered and bruised. Everyone thought that were both knocked out, but Gardevior slowly picked herself up while Sableye still laid there.

    Looks like we have a winner, Black Jack said.

    Cassandra rushed over to Gardevior to give her a heart-warming hug. Gardevior! You did it! she cried.

    Gardeviors body was in pain but she didnt care, because the only thing that can never be hurt was her spirit and heart.

    Shadowman just couldnt believe it, him, losing to a little girl. No one has ever beaten me he growled. He then looked at Cassandra and her Gardevior.

    In the name of Team Rocket and the Rocket Revengers he snarled. ILL KILL ALL OF YOU!

    He took out knife and ran to stab Gardevior with it, but Cassandra rushed right in front of her to protect her. Just before the knife reached her, a large sole of a boot was coming directly at Shadowmans face!

    It was Black Jack! He performed a jump kick at Shadowman. Shadowman quickly picked himself and desperately tried to run away but was caught by the police.

    Shadowman and his cronies were handcuffed and got placed inside police vans. Ill get you one day, Black Jack! he shouted. Those jail cells wont keep me in forever, you know!

    I look forward to it, Black Jack said to himself in response.

    Suddenly a limo came by. A girl just above Cassandras height and age came out of the back of the limo. She was wearing typical schoolgirl clothing. Whats going one here, Cassandra? she asked.

    Everythings okay now, Roxanne, Cassandra replied. We finally got rid of the Rocket Revengers.
    Them again? Roxanne asked. Good thing theyre placed behind bars now, eh?
    Actually, it was you who got rid of those guys, Black Jack said to Cassandra. The police and I were just helping out.
    Ah, Black Jack, Roxanne said. The man on his non-stop winning streak. Did you say that Cassandra defeated them?
    She defeated the leader, Black Jack replied. Just like that, he continued while snapping his fingers.
    Im impressed, Roxanne said. And I apologise for being away for so long.
    What do you do anyway?
    Im the gym leader of the Rustboro City Gym. I have been away a lot recently on business.
    So if youre away a lot, whos been taking over?

    Roxanne looked at Cassandra. No one, she replied. But after what Cassandra has done, Im placing her as vice-gym leader.

    Cassandra became excited about this opportunity. Roxanne, thank you.

    Black Jack smiled as he checked his watch. Well, looks like Ill be off then, he said. It was fun while it lasted.

    He was about to take off on his motorcycle but Cassandra stopped him. Hey! Wait!

    Black Jack turned to Cassandras attention. How about you battle me for the badge? she asked.
    Now? Black Jack asked in replied.
    We havent finished our match yet. And if you beat me, Ill give you the badge.

    Black Jack knew about the rules of the Hoenn League. In order to enter, he must defeat eight gym leaders and claim their badges. In the past, he already won a few badges here and there, although thats what he claimes.

    Alright then, Black Jack replied with a nasty smile. I accept.
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