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Originally Posted by The Black Hedgehog
Niceness, it would be good to do a combined comic with you, with your ideas and mine , just as you said in the spriters thread . Btw did you check the second pokedex design?
Indeed. XD I did check out the second design. Don't know if you saw my post in the SL or not. o.O But yeah...I liked the first design better.

Originally Posted by Shugotenshi no Bakura
Wow, it looks a little odd o.o; but it's cool X3; I think he would be good as a poison type since it's tail looks like a scorpion's *nod nod*
Haha. Thanks. Great minds think alike then. XD

Anywho...this stuff isn't really part of my MegaDex project. The first sprite below is a custom scratch trainer. It's supposed to depict myself. The two animations are icons I made for AIM of Armodian and Armodia. Armodian was originally a member of the MegaDex, but was cut when I made the new display.

MegaDex: Returning soon?

This is where I'd post my PC family if any of them were still here. D:
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