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Originally Posted by King Kobra
Well, I have a new tactic. I'ma take a break from Zapdos (for real) to train my Blaziken on Sapphire. I just got it from 96 to 98 and-using four Zigzagoons-obtained a few items through the use of Pickup. I now have another Rare Candy, PP Up, 2 Full Restores, a Full Heal, and about 8 Super Potions! <(^.^)> Yeah, so I'm hoping to find a Shiny in Sky Pillar while I train and then maybe train some others in Victory Road.

P.S. I'm going in a 3 1/2 hour car trip tomorrow so I'll be able to both reset for Zapdos and train on Sapphire. I'll also be on my way back either tomorrow night or the day after, so more Shiny Hunting! w00t!

=) Thats a really good tactic, Kobra. Do you mind if I borrow it? XD I need to train my Mantrike.

Lol, That "Never Doubt Caterpie" Clip is adorable! My little brother liked it too. And he is a pessimist on everything. x3

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