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** IT BEGINS. **

I've restarted my Emerald and will begin the hunt for the elusive Shiny Treecko. Is Shiny Treecko waiting around the corner or will I become another Demonic? I will reset for a new trainer ID each week, since I need to make sure the trainer ID I use puts a Trader in Mauville.

Originally Posted by Gentleman J
I have all those shinies too, plus a level 100 Feebas with maxed beauty. How do I get it to be Milotic? Also I have a level 5 Celebi that I just hatched with a good egg move: water pulse

(BTW you should introduce yourself on the new users section!)
We don't allow cheating in this club. Also, "I have all those plus some" is grade A pkmaster style behaviour. Please provide us with an honest listing of shinies you've found without cheating or you can't be a member.
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