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    Originally Posted by MetalMario
    Oh, come on! Didn't I tell you how I found shiny Linoone already? I felt absolutely awful when that thing came along!

    By my calculations, I've seen 106 Treeckos. This is very approximate and based on the odds of seeing a female with 20HP: 3/64. This is a bad way to count but it's all I've got.

    *is creeped out by the fact that we're on Page 299*
    *waits for an armada of spammers to spontaneously zip us along to Page 303 before I can even click refresh*
    Hehe not quite
    Iv been struck by World Cup so I didnt get to hunt at all today
    Maybe I can pray for my Porygon tomorrow

    I jitter back and forth to these forums. Hopefully this time i'll stick around . Looking for friends, people from the UK and anyone and everyone to talk to. Hit me up if any of these is you.
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