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...~{★★ HAPPY PAGE 300!! ★★}~...

It's a monumental day in SHC history: we've finally hit Page 300! XD And, thankfully, it's not a spam fiesta like our Pg. 200 milestone... A special thanks goes out to all our dedicated members who've made this club such a great, fun place to be. Keep up the good work, folks! Here's to another awesome 100 pages!

(See ryan, this is NOT spam! ^.^ And what did I say about Page 300? Guess I can only claim the odd hundredth pages... And did I move up at all from bazillionth on your list?)

Back to the subject, I've found a number of strange surprises in my box of random eggs, including a Vulpix I don't recall breeding. I'm pretty sure I've pre-hatched these eggs, so there probably aren't any shinies among them. (well, unless I traded them to another game, but that's not worth the effort)

Originally Posted by MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon
Heh, Nintendo has only had two events where I live, the Aurora Ticket download, and the current JAA. But you live in Canada, and I don't think they have events up there.
Ya think? Event Pokémon are not worth bragging about, as their distribution is unfair.

.. Deja vu? The server's just gone dead as I wait for post 7475 to be made...

Originally Posted by Agent9
We have MM? It's page 299 from what I've seen.
WTF? What happened to your post? You deleted it? How cruel! *does the same, HA!* Fortunately, I have screenshots:
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