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Yuscrecio, I forgive you, I imagine we all do. In this club, we are not trying to impress each other.. in fact, I hesitated to tell about my shiny lati, it just seemed too good to be true.. I had to share it though, with people that would understand my goofy happiness over a few pixels of color on a game screen. We are here to be together and enjoy success (and groan over failure) together.

Thanks again for all the congratulations. I'm currently in my 9th hour of resetting for shiny torchic. (since I started actually counting the hours) Someone who is good with numbers and averages, tell me about how many restarts is that? I can tell you it's quite boring.. shiny hunting is boring. IMO Resetting is the most boring, followed by hatching and then aimless wandering. Shiny FINDING is exciting! It's why we endure the shiny hunt I think. Back to the grind.. :p
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