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Originally Posted by King Kobra
I just think that a female Shiny Scizor won't be as intimidating (no offence to the ladies/girls here in the SHC).
Why is that? Y'know, female Scizor is the one with the larger abdomen, so I'd expect it'd look more intimidating. :p Miss Cake'll probably be making a trip to D/P, anyway.

I might try for a shiny Scizor, some day. I'm not too fond of its khaki colour, though, which is why I don't have one, already. :p

Sorry I haven't been posting much. (I have been reading.) Congrats on all the new finds, especially Kim's Pooch! ^o^ Sorry if there's anything important I've missed. I've been missing some important posts, lately.

~2922 Treeckos, still no shinies. I'm starting to consider just playing the game and going for things like Beldum and Rayquaza. I think it's about time I reset for another ID. It'll be hard to get one I like more than my current ID, though.

Edit: King Kobra, I'll make you a D/P Scizor avatar like mine if you wish. It's not much work.

Edit2: I did it, anyway:
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