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    i really wish u would find a connection to idss mm but i just find it too hard to belive u can no off the variables are jus too much for my mind to grasp u pulling out specific ids that can get shinnies more then others , i mean one question when u take all this into question is did u figure in how often one plays? i mean obviously makes lil diffrence but if sr 3k times in one day and get a shiny doesnt mean my id has better luck becuz u only reset 100 or so a day and didnt get one for weeks or months again i claim to know nothing im jus a rambling paranoid person so plz try not to make me sound too dumb when u explain it all to me XD

    WOOT lady darkmoon i have gotten my first badge and thanks to u i now know if i ever want to see a rare candy i need to change my party to all zigs untill i get to 21 with each XD
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