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    Yep. My main problem is that I quit too easily and try to do something else in the game to speed up the process. But it doesn't do a thing. I just switch out my breeder Pokemon... I've went through like 100 eggs of Skarmory, Cacnea, Vulpix, Ponyta, Venonat, Swablu, and so many more. It's insane. All my luck is in poker.

    I got Pokemon Emerald today, but my main focus is on FR: Battling Wild Pokemon to bring up Shiny Ninetails' level. That way, well, I'm shiny hunting at the same time!
    I don't know what to put in my FR Daycare though. I don't really need the Ponyta and female Ninetails anymore, since I have what I wanted (except the hatchlings know Hypnosis. I have TONS of them....).
    What I was going to do (I remember now) was bring up my traded Colosseum Gligar to Level 52, that way I can decline to the learning of Guillotine (or however you spell it), and then put it in the daycare with one of my Dittos, and see if I can obtain a blue Gligar.
    I never see ANYONE with a Gligar. It's like, one of THE most overlooked Pokemon. Well, that's just what I think, but... The blue coloring would be nice to have. Just another way of thinking it. I've never really trained a Gligar, but I like them alot. When I was trying the Colosseum one out (brung it's level up to 45 I think), I enjoyed using it with it's high defense and attack, along with Sand Attack, the occasional Poison Sting to poison the opponent, and... I don't use Faint Attack because of it's super low Special Attack. So, if you aren't asleep by now, I would mainly use it for strong non-special attacks, and do like I do with the Ninetails, "Abort" when a specific Pokemon comes up. The Ninetails' Defense is kinda low, and I always dread when somebody uses Slash or whatnot.

    On Sapphire, I've hatched about 40 more eggs since I last mentioned it. No luck. (Bet you didn't see THAT coming...... )

    On Emerald, I'm in the first forest, and I've got extra PokeBalls just in case I run upon one. It's most certainly a possibility.

    I have to ask a question.

    What does your Trainer ID have to do with the Shiny hunting? Does it somehow increase or decrease your chances, or did your boxes just fill up? Or did you just get tired and wanted to refresh the game?

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