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Originally Posted by brit lucifer
I think that the trainer ID generates a few of the numbers in the shiny-making equation...but i could be wrong
That's the theory at least!
Well! Wow... we have like 3 new members since my last post? This is great! Welcome to the best club in all of PC - we're all like big, dorky, obsessive family here - I hope you all will fit in well; based on what I've seen thus far we shouldn't have any problems.

I added DDD to my AIM buddy list and would be glad to chat it up with any of the new (or old for that matter) hunters. rsgh5 - I live on AIM.

I haven't hunted too much today, but I'll definatly get on it this evening when I'm watching a movie or TV or whatever mindless activity comes up.

Happy hunting!

Edit: New members - head over to the SHCard request thread if you'd like one of the exciting cards featured in most of our signatures. Here's a link!
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