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Guess what guys? I caught shiny Eevee!!! Okay. I was in D'MoneyBoi's room(again) and i got it. I wasn't thinking about it at ALL. And it just popped up. It was late when I got it, and he was asleep, so he didn't care too much. I think I got it at 1:40 AM(EST) Careful nature

Average IVs:

HP 24
12 Atk
22 Def
20 SAtk
30 SDef
24, at first, I put this as SDef too out of sheer excitement.
Perfect for Umbreon. Too bad Umbreon need egg moves to work. I think i should make it an Umbreon, or a Jolteon. What should I evolve it into?

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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