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Originally Posted by MeleeMaster-ShinyPokemon
Perfect for Umbreon. Too bad Umbreon need egg moves to work. I think i should make it an Umbreon, or a Jolteon. What should I evolve it into?
Personally i think Flareon looks the best, i'd love to have a golden Flareon, but congrats on the catch MeleeMaster!

Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE
I never see ANYONE with a Gligar. It's like, one of THE most overlooked Pokemon.
I agree Gligar can be such a good mon to use with the right Strategy (i seem to like a lot of UU pokémon) and of course a blue colour scheme would just add to its coolness XD

well i've just got in from College and i'm about to find my DS and get a hunting, i plan to be onto speed EV's with Raticate by the end of the night if my attention span will allow me too XD

Happy hunting.
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