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    Originally Posted by DARKDESTINY
    MMSP-Do u have a pic of your pelipper?
    No, it is on my Ruby version, which is at D'MoneyBoi's house. I'm at my house, but I am going back to his house in like 5 minutes, we took the pics at his house. I can get a pic of it though, it will just be on later tonight.

    BTW, I changed my mind, Eevee is gonna be an Espeon instead of Umbreon. Yeah, the nature may be great for Umbreon, but Espeon looks much better, and this might be the only shiny Eevee I have. Besides, the SAtk, IV is 20, so after some CMs, the Special Attack won't be too bad, even with the Careful nature. And, SAtk, is Espeon's highest stat.

    Edit:Okay, I changed my mind about Eevee again. I am gonna save it for a possible new evolution for D/P, I would be the first one to get it! Zera gave me the idea.

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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