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    Originally Posted by gold typhlosion
    of corse it would,i was just walkin down in artistran cave(smeargles cave)
    then OMG!!!a shiny jirachi!!i then through a master ball at it and screamed.
    Originally Posted by gold typhlosion
    sorry for double posting but im not liing. I have it in my emerald and ive explanded 3 times.i got my game stolen then i got it back and i think the person hade cheated on it.get it?
    So first you caught it where Smeargles are found, then you say you lost your game them when you got it back you had this "Shiny Jirachi" i'm sorry but you have changed your story so i will give you one final chance to tell us the truth or i will have to deny you entry to the club.

    Still hatching Ponyta eggs.. will keep you informed.
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