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    Well, I'm not sure, but I think I remember Gold_Typhlosion lying about something in the past...But we forgave him, and now this. This is indeed tough to analyze, but I highly doubt that you got Shinhy Jirachi because like Yami said, you changed your story. If it were in my power to, I wouldn't let you into the club UNLESS you had a picture of the Jirachi and proof that you don't own any sort of cheating device (i.e., Gameshark, Action Replay, etc.) But I don't have that power, I believe you are in the hands of the Co-owners now. <()>

    Update: 3200 Scyther Resets. I've filled an entire College-Ruled page with tic-marks of my resets, I'll scan it when I get Shiny Scyther...

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