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Originally Posted by Tha Pkmn Prodigy
i have about 7 note cards filled with tally marks that counted my resets
Um...Congratulations, I think that's considered as spam...not sure though...

I am trying to decide at the moment what Shiny to go for after Scyther. I doubt it will be Pinsir, even though Pinsir looks swgsh in blue. I can't hatch, I hate hatching, it is SO boring. I might try for Kabuto, but that would require the restarting of my FireRed, so maybe not. Same goes for Eevee <(>.<)>. I think I'll most likely go for Gligar if they're easy to find. DDD'SSCEPTILE made them sound so awesome that I feel like having one. Or I might go back to Zapdos or Treecko, but whatever for now...

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