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    Originally Posted by lugiaman#1
    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found a shiny your never going to belive this but its true a shiny mewtwo i'm fighting mewtwo right now i have infiity master balls i caught it i swear i'm not lieying
    Who do you think you are trying to impress? You have already made yourself a lier one the first post you put into this club. I would thing it would be near impossible to get all 28 Shiny Unown (without duplicates), a Shiny Lugia, and NOW a Shiny Mewtwo. I'm sorry but thats just a load of crap. We don't care if you dont have any shinies right now. You could could of join and just let us know when you do get a shiny (I dont have any shinies as of now, but I'm looking for them). I do believe that you will not be able to become a member now due to your lies.

    Originally Posted by Yami Zidane
    LUGIAMAN#1 YOU ARE NO LONGER PERMITTED TO POST IN THE SHC, please leave and don't come back
    I don't mean to question your authrity to this club, but how are you going to keep lugiaman from not posting in this club?

    Originally Posted by lugiaman#1
    ok let me explain last camp ( not this one) i used my friends actien replay on firered the new 1 that can be used on ds to and today i found a shiny mewtwo i sware i don't have a action replay if i'm lieing witch i'm not i will be everyone servent on here
    It really dosent mean anything. You don't need to have the Action Replay in your GBA/DS to still use the cheats. As long as you activated the cheats and saved your game it still means the cheats are still in effect on your current game. Believe me, I know because I have done the same thing when I had my Sapphire Version with a CodeBreaker. Of course, I dont have my Sapphire version right now, or the CodeBreaker in that matter.

    Originally Posted by gold typlosion
    of corse it would,i was just walkin down in artistran cave(smeargles cave)
    then OMG!!!a shiny jirachi!!i then through a master ball at it and screamed.
    Originally Posted by gold typlosion
    sorry for double posting but im not liing. I have it in my emerald and ive explanded 3 times.i got my game stolen then i got it back and i think the person hade cheated on it.get it?
    Gold typlosion, I have 3 stories coming out of you. A glitch, a random encounter and someone stole your game and got it back. Let me tell you this now: YOU ARE A BAD LIAR. If I did have the authority too, I wouldn't let you join this club with out some good proof.

    Originally Posted by King Kobra
    I am trying to decide at the moment what Shiny to go for after Scyther. I doubt it will be Pinsir, even though Pinsir looks swgsh in blue. I can't hatch, I hate hatching, it is SO boring. I might try for Kabuto, but that would require the restarting of my FireRed, so maybe not. Same goes for Eevee <(>.<)>. I think I'll most likely go for Gligar if they're easy to find. DDD'SSCEPTILE made them sound so awesome that I feel like having one. Or I might go back to Zapdos or Treecko, but whatever for now...
    Go after Zapdos. That would be a nice little addition to your shiny collection.

    OK now that I am done, telling a few people off, It's time for my......

    Ok, last night I trained 3 pokemon, Shellshock (Wartortle), Spykeball (Sandslash), and Flytrapper (Weepinbell). I was also looking for shinies along the way. I was in Viridian Forest for 3 hours trianing and looking for the shinies. I had 15 pokeballs in my inventory. Then I looked away while it was going into a battle for a few seconds, (I had to kill a spider on the wall) and I looked and there was a Pikachu. I threw 14 pokeballs at it, he broke out of them. The 15th caught him. I went to the Screen where it shows all the stats and stuff, well I thought it was shiny....but to my suprise it wasen't. I had my DS backlight really low so I mistook it for shiny since shiny Pikachus are darker then the other ones. I got you know what I did? I took that sucker to the computer and released Well As you know, I still have no Shines.....and that sucks. Maybe next time

    I have returned from a long hiatus from playing Pokemon and I am now starting fresh and new on Platinum.
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