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    Chapter 1

    Black Jack was driving through the cold mountains. It was so cold that a Dewgong wouldnt survive there. Even though Black Jack was wearing the same type of clothing he had no trouble getting through.

    Elsewhere in the mountains, a mysterious creature was looking at a monitor showing Black Jack riding his Motorcycle through the snowy mountains. He was certain that he met him before. Could it be that? he thought to himself. Wasnt he a Team Rocket member?

    He decided to set Black Jack a challenge. His blue eyes glowed.

    Outside, Black Jack noticed an avalanche was coming his way. He tried to get out of the way, but it was no good, the avalanche caught up with him.

    The creature thought that Black Jack was history. But to his surprise, Black Jacks hand popped out!

    Black Jack slowly dug his way out of the huge pile of snow. He also managed to drag his motorcycle out of the snow.

    Impressive, thought the creature. I must set him another test.

    His eyes glowed blue again.

    Outside, a huge blizzard was coming down on Black Jack. Now what! he moaned. He realised that riding his motorbike out of the blizzard wont help him now. He looked around and found a cave in the nearest mountain, which is quite a distance to him.

    He took his motorcycle and dragged it along with him, cursing the blizzard along the way, using all his strength just to get to that hole, to keep him away from the blizzard.

    Most impressive, thought the creature. He must be the so-called, Black Jack.

    It took a while for Black Jack to get to the cave. It was dark and damp **** this weather, he said to himself as brushed some of the snow and dirt off his jacket. Suddenly, he instinctively sensed someone or something coming. He turned round and prepares himself in case he had to defend himself.

    There was a bright blue glow coming out of the darkness, and then an entire figure comes out. It stood like a human but it had cat-like feet, three fingered paws, a strange-looking body, head and tail. The creature seemed strangely familiar to Black Jack. Who or what the heck is this guy? he thought.

    Having trouble recognising me, Black Jack? the creature said telepathically.
    What the? Black Jack shouted surprisingly.
    Let me refresh your memory.

    The creature threw and fireball at Black Jack. But he managed to dodge out of the way. The fireball exploded when it hit the wall of the cave.

    The creature shot numerous fireballs at Black Jack but it kept on missing him. ****! Black Jack thought. Does this guy hate being forgotten or what?

    Frustrated, the creature decided to use its psychic powers to stop Black Jack from moving. Black Jack became immobile because of that. The creature then raised his paw and powers up another fireball. I wont let you leave and tell others about my secret hideout, the creature telepathically said.

    There was no way Black Jack can move out of the telepathic binding. He shuts he eyes as he prepares for his death. But suddenly, a childs voice came into Black Jacks mind, telling him he cant give he cant give up like this. Black Jack had no idea where that voice came from. Whoever this kid is, hes right! Black Jack thought. Im Black Jack! Black Jack doesnt give in to anything! Not even to some freak!

    Black Jack used all of his strength of his mind and body to break out of the creatures psychic binding. This cannot be! thought the creature. This has never happened before!

    As Black Jack ran at the creature, it threw a fireball at him. Black Jack dodged out of the fireballs way. Before the creature could make another move, Black Jack went to punch the creature in the face. But his punch just stopped an inch away from the creatures face. There was no flinching on the creatures face, as he knew Black Jack wasnt going to hit him.

    Its been a while Mewtwo, Black Jack said nastily. He finally remembered the creatures name.

    The creature smiled. It was Mewtwo!

    How true, he replied. Even though it has been years since I first met you, I learnt much about you.
    Oh? Black Jack said.
    I did a little bit of research on you. Ever since you left Team Rocket, youve gotten yourself in and out of many dangers such as surviving desserts without any water. Youve also been travelling around the world defeating trainers who have the potential to become pokemon masters, even pokemon masters themselves without getting a single hit.
    They were nothing but a small fry. But why are you so interested in me?

    Mewtwo gives another smile, but this time is was nastier.

    Many trainers came to capture me and my fellow clones, but none of them was worthy enough to catch me or live.

    Black Jack knew what he meant. He slowly took off his sunglasses, showing his emotionless eyes. Im not surprised. He replied.
    Now that youre here, Mewtwo continued. Did you wish to offer me a challenge?
    Did you read my mind again? Black Jack sarcastically asked.
    No, Mewtwo replied, still smiling. This time, it was my instincts as a pokemon.

    Mewtwo turned around. Come, our stage has been set.

    Mewtwo walked into the darkness of the cave as Black Jack followed riding on his motorcycle.

    More coming! Comments please!
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