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    I remember reading this, and I have been meaning to review it for awhile. I liked it, though I still like a few of your other one-shots better. This was very entertaining though, with a bit of the horror genre added to it. I agree with one of your other reviewers, too. This one-shot reminded me of the Goosebumps series that I hardly ever read because they scared the heck out of me.

    I especially liked the Kadabra and its thoughts that it streams into Jon, which was very cool, as well as the use of the Pokémon game intro in the story. o.0 I actually was freaked out by it.

    It was also quite amusing that the Kadabra left with the games. XD... I can only imagine what that thing's up to.

    Jon sat propped comfortably in his bed, his eyes intent upon the thick book in his hands. He turned a page with a resentful flick. If his parents were going to take his video games away from him because they didn’t want him up so late at night, then he was going to stay up just as late doing something else, just to show them.
    You have no idea how many times I have done that exact thing. XD It made me laugh.

    As for the ending... well... it was different. I suppose it was cliffhangerish in a way, but the "ending" before the asterisks seemed to me like a viable ending as well. Don't know if I would have preferred it end there or not.

    Overall, I quite liked it, and look forward to reading Vanishing Point .

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