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    Hi! I'm Lich from NextGen Productions! We're making a remake of Crystal Version. This new version will feature D/P graphics, 2 regions: Johto and Kanto, the Sevii Islands, The Sevii League, a paradise island and about 19 more new places. The events occur 5 years after pokemon Crystal and the evil team is named Team Cosmos. We need trainer spriters, mappers, programmers and others.


    5 years after the events in Crystal, the Johto and kanto region were all shrouded in peace and harmony. However one night, people have reported seeing a blue and purple meteorite falling in the northwest part of Johto. Knowing this, the stone researchers from Devon travelled to Johto to search for that strange stone. They thought the metorite has fallen in the sea. One of the researchers, was a stone maniac and in the middle of the night, borrowed a boat from Olivine's port and went to the whirlpool islands. He was pretty sure the meteorite was near. Months later people living near the Northwest sea of Johto noticed the water level was lowing day to day. No one ever discovered what was the problem...

    In this game we'll feature a whole new evil team, called Team Cosmos.

    -Hero or Heroine-
    -2 regions: Johto & Kanto-

    - Battle Tower
    - Paradise Island
    - Sevii Archipelago
    - Berry Master’s Garden
    - Oceanic Museum
    - Pearl Hotel
    - Nonu Town
    - Trainer’s Hall
    - Apricot Garden
    - Crafter’s House
    - Invisibles Garden
    - Pretty Flower Saloon
    - Bill’s Garden
    - TV station
    - Cable Car
    - Blue Dome

    - D/P graphics
    - Morning/Day/Evening/Night
    - Rainy/Sunny/Snowy/Stormy
    - Invisible Garden Mini-game
    - ALL pokemon
    - Underwater areas

    please join our project, I NEED HELP!!
    Along with Pokemon NextGen, the NextGen Productions are making a brand new remake of Pokemon Crystal Version. This remade version will include D/P graphics, lots of new places, including the Sevii Islands and the Sevii League (you can guess what it is), the famous Bill's Garden and a Paradise Island. Come and join our project.