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Originally Posted by Dardanel
I like the new stuff you showed... But Wystem just doesn't seem right... I would advise that you try and re-do it... Though that is only my opinion...
I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like the way Wystem turned out. I've had the concept of the sprite for awhile, and I did it pretty quickly when I was at my friend's house the other night because he wanted to see me sprite. I think I am going to redo it when I get a chance. Glad ya like the other stuff though. XP

[Update!!] Ok, I've made an alternate version of Tustalk with flower petals coming out of the blossom on its head. I'm just looking for people's opinions on what looks better...the original version or the new version with the red petals. Let me know what you think, and whichever seems to be liked the most, I'll keep in the Dex as the final. XD

MegaDex: Returning soon?

This is where I'd post my PC family if any of them were still here. D:
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