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    Qaspachi? Hmm... the name seems to reverbate in my head as Quagsire.... but it looks very well sprited. I presume you didn't include the spot on Qaspa's chest to convey that he is not yet full developed and cannot use attacks such as Hydro Pump? You rounded it well and the shading is accurate. Also, the spot corresponding on the stomach gives it a very professional finish. Oh The back of Polanche is very-Kabuto-reminiscent, but I think it is suiting. Very clever how you related the crystal on its chest to its hands Oh and finally I like Craterel, but perhaps you could reduce the length of the eyes? You could also possibly push the position of his legs back a pinch and adjust the tail's shading? Okay, sorry for being picky, but apart from that it's impeccable. Awesome work as always, Megafuz! Tip of the hat to thee~
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