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    So you're here too SP? wow. another awesome Pokemon POV. no spelling or grammar errors and the story line just rocks!

    Funny bits:

    “I thought your Growlithe could use a friend.”

    (You think the Rat could use a restraining order.)

    “Well, shall we?” the Rat says, with a sly grin.

    Stupid rat.
    I loved that part! and this one:

    Perhaps you should stop him from pursuing this stupid endeavor. He could get hurt from jumping off a one-story deck. Riley charged you to keep an eye on him, too. It would be a shame if they found him plastered on the snow-covered cement below.

    Of course… Riley told you to just watch him. She never said anything about physically stopping him from doing something utterly moronic.

    But then again, he’s a young Meowth, and obviously his parents never tried teaching him anything better. So it’s not his fault that he’s stuck with an unsound mind with eyes fixed on the sky above.

    (He’s looking about ready to jump, his back end quaking in anticipation. It’s now or never. Should you stop him?)

    as well as all the other parts in between. Keep it up!
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