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    Not just another Gold Remake, it's...

    Thanks to sena82 for Ho-oh, and Enrico Marini for Silver and Crystal's sprites

    Winner of the 11/06 über Award, cool isn't it?
    Also, it was chosen as the Editor's Choice for rhw Issue 10, what more can I say?

    Who am I... Who are you?

    Hi everyone, Zel here, yeah... I guess it was time to change the Intro I had like... forever... If you are here, probably it was because you've been hearing about "Shiny Gold" around the web. Well, I'm the guy behind the creation of this rom hack. It's not a fake game! (at least to me...)
    Still, everyone knows that I'm not a God of hacking... I still consider myself as a hacker-in-training, learning stuff trying to improve the game. Even when I'm basically a Scripter, I try to do other stuff as best as I can.
    This was supposed to be a one person project, but it quickly became popular (maybe too much...?), so lots of people want to help, and I'll use anybody's help as soon as I feel like I need help.
    OK, I think that's enough about me, so let's talk about the game!

    What are we gonna be playing?

    Hack Name: Pokemon Shiny Gold
    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

    Once upon a time...

    Well, since this'll be another Gold Remake, I don't think I'd spoil the story, jeje.

    Basically, the only reason for which you should come back to this first post...

    First Goal (to post pictures): Reaching Fuchsia City (and that's where the next Beta will end), after reaching it by cycle and aby walking.
    Second Goal (to post old Beta): Reaching Viridian
    Currently: Preparing everything to continue where I left

    Let's hope I can pull'em out!

    Don't think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it'll have its differences.
    Extra battles (some'll be optionals, tough but rewarding)
    Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find)
    New areas
    Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work, je)
    Extra recurring characters (some'll hate you, some'll help you)
    Plans for the future: Some moves will have field effects.
    More to come...

    All you need to know...

    Hey guys, please read this. I'm gonna tell you how I'll handle things.

    My strategy is to have a Beta already available (maybe not yet released). As soon as I reach my first goal, I'll post pictures from that old Beta, then I'll keep working till I reach my second goal, then I'll post that old Beta. By that time, I should have enough to prepare the next Beta, and I would have a new first goal, so things would repeat once again, and so on.

    Then I'll be posting my goals and where I am. I'm hacking as I'm playing the actual Gold, so the hack will progress the same way as Gold story (so you should have an idea on how far I am from any goal). I'll update this quite often, so keep reading this post.

    About glitches and oddities, I'll be posting the known glitches as soon as I release a Beta, but keep in mind that sometimes I'd fix them for the next beta (but some could be harder to fix). Apart from that, feel free to post any glitches (not the ones I or anyone else already posted, don't be repeatitive). However, I want all of you to remember that they'll be Betas, and Betas are supposed to have (many or a lot) glitches.
    I won't be needing Beta Testers, as soon as I release a Beta, anyone can help!

    Thanks for reading this info.

    Read them pu-lease!

    Let's hope you all read them before you post...

    To be Updated... When I have some time to take a deep look...

    Q: How can I play Shiny Gold?... What? An ips file?... It doesn't work... I get an "image not found"... "Unsupported file" etc, etc...
    A: Better have a look at H.Sotomura's thread! But, summarizing: Get 3 things: a clean FR rom, my patch, and LIPS program. Make first a backup of the FR rom. Then open LIPS, select "Apply Patch", pick the .ips file out of my zip, hit "Open", then pick the rom (a .gba file), hit "Open". Now, you close LIPS, open your emulator, and open the modified rom (the one you applied the ips patch before)

    Q: Where's the patch?
    A: Look down... It's at the bottom of this post!

    Q: What's SGX or Shiny Gold "X"?
    A: SGX = Shiny Gold "X". But what's Shiny Gold "X"? It's a harder version of Shiny Gold, where I modified the trainers pokes and levels. If you want to reenjoy Gold, with added challenge, give it a try. You'll find it at the bottom of this post, as always!

    Q: Why can't I save in Shiny Gold?
    A: Well, in reality, you just can't save in FR. But to fix that just make sure to go to Options->Emulator->Save Type->Flash 128K in your Visual Boy emulator.

    Q: Are you able to trade from Shiny Gold to other games?
    A: From SG to FR it is possible. I don't know 'bout the others... Not that I care.

    Q: Do I need to restart my game to play the newest Beta?
    A: You need to patch it once again into a clean ROM. But you could still use your previous save file. If you want to try it, just save in a PC, to be safe. However, I recommend you to play it from the beginning once again, to appreciate the fixes, playing it more safely, and to avoid bugs that should not happen, because I'm not responsible if something fails!

    Q: I want to help you with mapping...
    A: Thanks, but let's talk again after I finish the scripting and basic mapping of the game.

    Q: When will the beta be released?
    A: Just read the "Important Info" section.

    Q: You should make it in Emerald...
    A: No, its gonna be made in FR. The game is quite advanced to start it on Emerald.

    Q: Will you do a Silver version?
    A: No, since SG will have all that's needed to be a single game. Not like Nintendo does, releasing two games to being able to fully complete it. A little discrepancy I have with'em.

    Q: Are all pokemon gonna be in?
    A: Correct. Since Hoenn poke live in Johto and Kanto (but very rare).

    Q: How about fourth generation poke?
    A: Nope. There should be enough poke to have enough fun.

    Q: Day, night, headbutt, Pokegear, etc?
    A: Not yet. I'm getting confident with some events. Most likely day/night wont be in; Pokegear I could try something, but nothing sure; headbutt and berries are in (the berries work a bit different, you'll find this out)

    Q: And the Sliding panels?
    A: Definitely not. It's just a time and brain (mine) waster for just a few minutes of gameplay.

    Q: Will Kanto be in?
    A: Hmmm... Is it a Gold Remake?, yes, so it MUST be in. Besides, this is made on FR, so all I need to do is update and script (and I'll add new events!).

    Q: Will Hoenn/Battle Frontier/Sevii/Orange Islands be in?
    A: WHAT? What does all that have to do with Gold? No way!

    Q: Is Celebi's event in?
    A: It will be, but for that you need the GS Ball. And it's too early to get it yet. So the event will be implemented once I decide the player must get the Ball.

    Q: Will you insert G/S music?
    A: Maybe. When I learn how to do it. And, besides, that's not a priority.

    Q: Why is there some kind of "invisible wall" when I'm at
    A: Have you tried to "speak" with the invisible wall? (You'll get something...)

    Q: Why some grass appears when I'm walking at Illex Forest?
    A: Because I've made it in a wrong tileset. However, Illex had so many problems in the past, and I'm reluctant to touch it now.

    Q: Why has been the Badges order altered?
    A: Because the order you get the HM moves has been altered between FR and Gold. And, unfortunately, I need to stick with FR's order.

    Q: Will mom save us our money?
    A: Non. If I only had a variable to store quantities, like in RPGM...

    Q: What happened to the legendary dogs?
    A: You'll release them, but I don't know really how to make them go wild (I know in FR you can release one, it's hard to find the script and commands involved in that). If everything fails, I guess I'll think a plot involving them.

    Q: Why are the Kanto/Hoenn starters at Lv1?
    A: Because... they aren't called "starters" for anything...

    Q: How do the Trading-evolution pokes evolve?
    A: They will not evolve by trading anymore. But you need to discover how they evolve yourself!

    Q: When will the Bug Catching Contest work?
    A: It works only twice in B3. It opens as soon as you beat Sudowoodo, then it opens after beating Mahogany's Gym. Just keep in mind that if you don't take your chance you'll be wasting an opportunity.

    Q: Why don't you add this trainer?, blah, blah... (something involving a new trainer battle)
    A: I need trainer slots to make new trainer battles, since I'm already adding a few extra battles, and the original battles. I'm not sure about how many trainer slots I'll have at the end. If I have a few extras, we'll think about what could we do with them.

    Q: Why does Carlos looks like Noland, that Battle Factory guy from Emerald?
    A: T.T

    Q: What's that "Your mom is so fat..." thing?
    A: O.o Bad rom dump... I didn't do that bad joke, my sense of humor is far better than that!

    Q: I want to learn to hack. What tools do you use?
    A: EliteMap (mainly for their tools, specially PET, Scripted and UNLZ-GBA), AdvanceMap (for its... everything!), Advance-Text (sometimes... when I don't make text by scripts), Thingy32 or HexWorkshop (those are Hex-Editors, to search for free space, and advanced stuff), Overworld Sprite Editor Rebirth (to change OWs, the little sprites we use when walking, and NPCs), and an Images Editor (such as Paint Shop Pro). Tools Showcase has a thread with links to the tools, except the latter.

    Q: What will you do after finishing SG?
    A: Dedicate to the Uni. Help people when I have time. Think about what could be next...

    Misty: "OMG, I found a BUG, Kyahhh!!!"

    Well, I'll post here the current known glitches and oddities from the last released beta. If I'm advised of new glitches, I'll update this post, so everyone knows what to expect (and to prevent repeated glitch posts)
    By the way, this time this kind of stuff will be separated. So read what my classification means

    BUGS (stuff that I don't like having, but needs some time to investigate, and fix. Or it takes some time to elaborate a script to fix it)

    There's the mystery of the "name change", which I never found, but perhaps because I use save states
    Keep a good look at your TM bag, because I spotted something weird that I suddenly had like 256 Shadow Ball TMs O.O, and I don't really know what could cause this, perhaps Morty's script? Maybe it won't happen to you or maybe something worse may happen to you. So, keep saving constantly, you never know if something unexpected could show up (If it happens and you saved constantly, this will help me detecting a possible cause. If this ever happens to you)
    After you pick your starting pokemon, a pokeball disappears, not that it is a BIIIG problem, but it'll still happen...
    Elm doesn't exactly jumps back when you show him the Egg (unless you speak with him from below)
    There is a tile at Cherrygrove's PC that I never EVER could get rid of (it shows up after some time, probably 'cause I activated a flag)
    The killing Route 32 AND Route 10 PC. If you ever go to Route 32 or Route 10 PCs for healing, please make sure you at least went to another PC previously for healing during the current game (this means, if you just "Continued" the game and you need to go to Route 32 or Route 10 PC, better go somewhere else). If not, nurse Joy's script will make your game crash with a lot of weird colours.
    Avoid getting into a double battle with only one Pokemon and the Egg...
    There seem to be more problems with Farfetch's movements. I need screenshots of before you speak to it (because I need to detect which is the script with the problem), and then, you can post the incorrect movement.
    (NEW)There is a staircase with a non-working warp at Whirl Islands north-east island, lower staircase (so don't jump the ledge there)
    Elite Four Karen's room has a problem in which, if you open up one of the menues (that change screen), and then go back, the event of walking towards Karen will happen again, and this could be done till you really mess up. So, be careful there, as I cannot really fix that. It's a level script causing the problem, and last time I tried to fix it, it really messed up that place.
    When you travel by the SS.Aqua (not on the first travel, the next ones), you are able to battle against the trainers twice (the first time you met them)
    Cerulean's Gym has a problem when the trainers are not in the Gym, if you step on the tiles they will occupy later, then you'd be able to walk on the water. There is no easy solution there, as I needed to give the tile a permission in order to allow the trainers to battle when hero's on the platform, and they surfing. But if the trainers are not in the Gym, that same permission causes the player to be able to step on it and walk on water.
    Item-Finder doesn't have a purpose...
    The map still shows the Islands...
    There are some problems with some people's sprites when using the VS-Seeker (however, those people shouldn't be affected by the VS-Seeker in the first place, I need to figure out why they're affected)
    Since the map is still showing the Islands, the fly function will not work as we'd want. Additionally, since I moved New Bark to another map, something has happened to New Bark's flying spot.
    Still, you may find places where you can't use the Bike (at least E.Ropes should work OK)

    ODDITIES (stuff that are not precisely bugs, but most is stuff that I'm lazy to finish. Or it could be that things will work that way in my game)

    If you use an Escape Rope at Whirl Islands you'll end up in your last used PC (not that it is that bad, isn't it?)
    Tiles errors, like water reflecting the hero, some tiles with wild battles assigned to them. Argh, tile fixing is not one of my favorite things...
    I'm not too sure if there may be some trainers that I haven't edited their lineups for the "X" version. So, in the X version, if you happen to find a trainer with a poke with a level way too low compared to other trainers in that same map (or compared to some of the other pokes for that same trainer), tell me.
    The trainers' names will still have that "!" or be called "xTrainer/y", since I need something to remind me what I have edited already, and what's left to edit.
    The battles against Silver will work like how they are working now. With that little "presentation", this is just because this allows me to use a different battle BGM (and in the end, this BGM will be changed for its classic battle BGM)
    Remember that berries, as the Lapras encounter, the Goldenrod Salon, Kurt's Pokeball making, and the MooMoo Milk selling are somehow connected, if you activate one of those events, the others will be disabled for a few minutes (between 3-5)
    Also remember that the Headbutt Trees have been touched a bit to make them work sucessfully. The proper way to use them is: Headbutt any tree, then headbutt another somewhere else OR AT LEAST step one tile away, go back to the same tree and Headbutt again.
    Seems like there could be some cheat codes that could affect the game's normality, don't know why, but don't care.
    Don't forget you get Whirlpool from the Clamperl that Lance gives you at the Hideout in Mahogany!

    OLD BUGS (these may occur if you don't download the latest release (so check the date of release), in the release of 13th July and above these problems have already been fixed.

    Charizard sounds as always in the Title Intro
    When you walk out of Cherrygrove towards the east, the roof tile changes
    The blackbelt at Dark Cave gives a wrong TM
    Events at Violet happened again after beating the E4? (I changed flags there, so if you are continuing an old save, the Sprout Tower and the Earl events will happen again for you, anyway)
    There was an error at the twins at Route37
    Sometimes the hero's sprites suffer a change of palettes
    I put a Rock Smash rock at Burned Tower, but then I decided to remove it again
    Amelia may walk through the fat guy outside of Tohjo Falls.
    Now Ho-oh has the Sacred Ash attached
    Victory Road changed some tiles after defeating the E4, or after, whatever, I fixed that
    Bill's grandpa's script had a problem
    You cannot obtain the Missing Part, so you will need to do the Amelia at Power Plant event again when you get the latest release (if you did it previously)
    Copycat transforms into the wrong character when you talk to her before fixing the Power Plant
    Even though I need to be confirmed, I think the problem that didn't allow you to get out of SS.Aqua in the usual travels between Johto & Kanto are now fixed.
    If you directly spoke with the sailor checking for passes at Vermilion's port after returning to Kanto by ship, he'd freeze the game

    REMAIN TO BE DONE (this is stuff planned to be added, most likely in the next Beta)

    Change the Key Items graphics
    Add the GS music tracks (maybe some of DP, maybe)
    Do the walking sprites for mom (maybe, if I don't replace her sprite with a generic one), Lance, Clair and Misty
    Do something to the Ruins of Alph

    Beware, I enjoy taking screenshots...

    This are screenshots of what you'll find!


    And, some videos...

    Red Gyarados... Yes!
    Elite 4
    Headbutt Trees
    Kurt's Script - Part 1
    Kurt's Script - Part 2

    Help us by showing your support!

    Like my hack, want to show your support?, you're in the right section. Here's a bunch on banners made by other people like yourself:

    thanks goes to martijn
    HTML Code:
    thanks goes to flipboi
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    thanks goes to flipboi
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    thanks goes to yaziyo
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    These ones by flipboi are cool, if you want to use them...

    Just shut up! I wanna play!

    The Beta4 (with a bugfix) is out! As always, there's gonna be two files for both versions of Shiny Gold. Remember: Shiny Gold "X" is exactly the same game SG, but with added challenge. If you think you're ready for it, then go ahead and download it!

    Beta's Length: Up to the Power Plant, with all the events till the fix of the Power Plant, and getting the Magnet Train Pass

    maybe if I repeat the Question close to the attachment they may notice it?
    Q: How can I play Shiny Gold?
    A: Better have a look at H.Sotomura's thread! But, summarizing: Get 3 things: a clean FR rom, my patch, and LIPS program. Make first a backup of the FR rom. Then open LIPS, select "Apply Patch", pick the .ips file out of my zip, hit "Open", then pick the rom (a .gba file), hit "Open". Now, you close LIPS, open your emulator, and open the modified rom (the one you applied the ips patch before)

    Q: Why can't I save in Shiny Gold? Or... Why does a White/Blue screen shows up?
    A: I think both are related. Most likely you need the newest Visual Boy Advance Emulator (1.7.2), and make sure to go to Options->Emulator->Save Type->Flash 128K in your Visual Boy emulator.

    If you have further questions, or if you think you need a walktrough for the game, you may want to check it out (thanks goes to dirk123) It's not really complete, but it helps

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