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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Well, well, finally the time has come... In case you haven't read my first post (which you should do, I already said so), I've uploaded the Version1 of Shiny Gold! I didn't want to put a link, I wanted to upload the zip in the community but, since the upload failed again and again, well, I've just uploaded somewhere else (we'll see about that later)

    Keep in mind the posted glitches. Feel free to post your own, and express your opinions about the game. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

    I was forgetting something. Don't play the game so seriously, because perhaps newer versions may have fixes which will destroy an old version's game (don't train your pokémon to lv100 expecting to crush the next version ).

    to sena82: thanks for all your help. About the titlescreen, I've already edited it, so I don't need it. And about the johto's tileset, wow, that's some huge help. Just a small question, I think I've seen it in As_Stars_Gut's hack. So I'm a bit confused, did you create it?. In case I could use it, who should I give credit?

    para alexmad: bienvenido nuevamente!

    to everyone else: thanks all of you! (specially DarkArcz)

    In the meantime, I wonder... Is there anyone playing the original Gold? Because I wanted to update the rematch battles. So a list with trainer name, pokemon list and their levels could be useful (and I wanted to test how rematches in FR work)

    And, I'm thinking about adding a new rival. Well, to tell the truth, it would have to be two rivals. A couple of people (male&female), which will annoy the player with their love for each other (of course this means there's gonna be double battles with them each time). So I'm thinking about letting two of you to become those two trainers. What do you think? (I know it sounds weird... )

    Well, I think that's all I had to say. I'll come back later.
    Well I asked gameguy and he said I or anyone could use them but they must give credit.And when someone starts a remake I have a habit of helping them alot,and can I be the male trainer,and well done,you have set a limit that has not been set before on this forum.

    Edit-OMG just like GSC,Can I be your buddy for life

    and I like how you made yourseldf a character
    maybe you can learn how to revamp some GSC music

    I think some of the revamped music is already in the FR/LG rom and some are in emerald

    and I am definatly flash carting this when the hack is done because I want to play this game all the time