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Hii from your favourite Fangking!

A new and much improved Limeburg is now here. One must remember that there will also be some cut trees. 2 of the exits are only available via Surf, but are altogether fairly useful.

Most of the gym leaders have been sprited. Still waiting for a sprite for Helena.


Gym Leader of Pinefall City
Uses Electric types
Sprite by, edit from RSE, and The Fangking


Gym Leader of Alderford City
Watcher of Larix Cave
Uses Grass types
Sprite by ccoa


Gym Leader of Mezereon City
Leading scientist of S.U.M.
Designer of the Porygon program
Uses [indefinite – science/technical(?) +Virus] types
Sprite by ccoa


Gym Leader of Taramind Island
Uses Ghost types
Sprite by ccoa


Gym Leader of Overlake City
Uses Water/Ice types
Sprite by Feli and KangasKid


Gym Leader of Paloverde City
Uses Dragon types
Sprite by ccoa

Gym Leader of Hazelfrost City
Uses Dark types

Gym Leader of Elderwood City

Exciting times for Acanthite! Only 2 interiors need to be made for the demo, and all of the necessary sprites and graphics are done already; once I receive a certain special package the path is clear - the demo will be on the brink of release!

FYI Some of my resources are in the Resources thread on this very board.