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    Originally Posted by DarkArcz View Post
    (There WAS somethin; strange though, when I step foot into the first route after I met Prof Elm, a trained dropped from the sky....He wasn't there before I went to Elms Lab, thats for sure. And that Carlos guy, right after I fought him, he stayed there, but after I took 2 steps or so, he disappeared! Strange, but funny glitches.)
    I wonder which trainer dropped from the sky?, can you specify the route, or give me a bit more of information?, since I'm confused...

    Originally Posted by itsaplanet View Post
    the radio feature in pokegear is awesome
    I think if you don't have any time with the pokegear you could just add a radio in some houses with random text and the music
    I like Pokemon March I wish I could hear it again
    Well, I wish I could bring the music from G/S back again into the advance world, but I have no musical talent, and I don't know (yet) how to handle music in hacks.

    Originally Posted by [ray.z] View Post
    As y'know, there are a few little glitches, but nothing all that major. Just movement restrictions really (like how come we can't walk behind buildings.

    My only biff with it is some of the graphics and sprites. Your scripting is very well done, but I just can't not notice your sprites.
    Well, as you know I'm just starting to change a few tiles, and about sprites, I think there wont be too much changes. I like FR graphics, so I'll edit only when necessary.

    Originally Posted by ash_ketchum5 View Post
    hey, when are you going ta edit the title screen?
    I think I already said the title screen was edited. So, I'll make an exception for you, and show it:

    It may not be much, but it serves its purpose.

    Originally Posted by [ray.z] View Post
    Now I haven't played G/S/C in a while, but does anyone else feel that it's been too easy?

    Not that I mind, I was just suprised how strong my pokemon got - my starter evolved before I beat Falkaner.

    Also, is there any point in defeating that Fighter in Dark Cave?

    And I hate it how we had to stop at Azalea Town
    Well, there have been changes in movesets and stats, so perhaps they made the advance generation a little more easy, perhaps? And, by the way, did you remember Johto starters evolved in different levels?, I think Cynda is the one to evolve quickly (like lv14), while Toto is the one to take a bit longer.
    Regardless the fighter in Dark Cave, you can...
    Get a TM, what you expected a Master Ball? :D

    Well, with all the questions answered. It's time for me to go back to script Ecruteak.

    Wait, I'm forgetting something... Before I start, what do you guys think about the new rivals I mentioned in the previous page, do you think you can build a team with another person? (It would have to be 3-3, one person would post his/her three poke, and the other their three, of course you'd need to tell me which person you are tagging with. If you have a battle sprite, feel free to send it. And remember, the new rival is a couple of male&female, so if you are two males one will have to play the role of the female, I wonder...? )